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Initial Visit

The initial visit with your speech therapist will be an evaluation session that will include completion of paperwork, a parent interview, and appropriate standardized assessments. Evaluation sessions typically last about one hour, but vary based on the patient’s age, participation, and necessary testing. Following the evaluation, the Speech Therapist will score the tests, interpret results, and write an evaluation report to include goals to be targeted during therapy if recommended.

During the initial treatment session, parents are encouraged to discuss goals with the speech therapist so that they can be well suited to the family’s needs. Therapy sessions are either 30 minutes or 45 minutes in length and typically 1 or 2 times a week. The length and frequency of sessions will be determined based on patient’s age, attention of the child, payment source and family’s needs.

Each child will have 6-month goals written based on testing results and caregiver concerns. These goals will be reassessed and modified as needed by the speech therapist, based on the patient’s progress. The speech therapist will provide weekly feedback, and homework following each session. Monthly updates on progress will also be reported to the family. The speech therapist will submit documentation to doctors, teachers, and other care providers if written consent is provided.

What You'll Need

Prescription/Referral from your child’s primary care physician with ICD-10 code and frequency of visits (necessary only if seeking medical insurance reimbursement. Not required for self-pay patients)

Hearing Screening or Evaluation results received from your child’s doctor or other certified professional. A newborn hearing screening is acceptable if your child is 2 years of age and younger. A formal hearing evaluation is necessary for children between the ages 2 years to approximately 4 years. We offer hearing screenings in our office at the time of the evaluation to children 4 years and older. Please ask our office about this service.

Current Evaluation if you have one from an outside provider completed within the last 12 months. Otherwise we will need to perform an updated evaluation by our trained Speech Therapists.


We are currently in-network with Medicaid which includes Katie Beckett Deeming Waiver, SSI, CareSource, Peach State and Amerigroup. Additionally, we are in-network with United Healthcare,  Aetna, and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia. Many individuals are reimbursed by their insurance’s out-of-network  benefits for our services – but it is the parent’s responsibility to seek reimbursement. We accept checks, cash and debit/credit cards for self-pay patients.  Payment is due at the time of service.

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All new and existing patients will be provided log-in information for a patient portal. Your patient portal houses electronic patient forms and invoices, chat and message features, provides access to tele-therapy sessions and much more!

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